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Update on Bankruptcy Trusts by Steven Kazan

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Kazan Law is proud to acknowledge the recent participation of one its founding principals, Steven Kazan, at the 4th Annual Conference on Emerging Trends in Asbestos Litigation, which took place in early April in Chicago. The Conference focused on a variety of issues related to asbestos litigation, offering sessions on case law and trial strategies, bankruptcy trust issues, in-house representation, punitive damages, and newly appointed judges, among other topics.

Steven is a seasoned attorney who practices in a number of jurisdictions and has built his career in the field of asbestos litigation, representing victims, injured workers, and family members. More recently, he has gained expertise in the delicate legal issues that surround asbestos litigation when the defendant company is going through a bankruptcy proceeding. As he has done countless times in the past, Steven drew from this experience to contribute to the conference as an invited speaker, where he gave a presentation titled “Update on Bankruptcy Trusts”. The presentation was part of a panel that explored the bankruptcy landscape, current Chapter 11 cases, updates on a number of trusts currently awaiting approval, and the status of several key trusts, among other issues.

Kazan Law was founded in 1974, and since that time has established itself as a leader in litigation related to asbestos, particularly for victims of mesothelioma an asbestos-related cancer. The firm has a nationwide practice and has represented clients from around the world. The founding partners of Kazan Law are truly pioneers in the field of asbestos litigation and the firm strongly believes in ensuring that every client receives individual and outstanding representation. In addition to individual representation, Kazan Law has worked to have a broader impact on improving the work-place.