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Lead Lunchboxes Recalled in California

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Lunchboxes that were distributed by the California Department of Public Health have been recalled due to lead in the vinyl lining. The recalled lunchboxes were made in China and are a soft-sided lunchbox. The recall involves 300,000 items with the words “Eat Fruits and Vegetables” and “Be Active” written on them.

The vinyl lining of the lunchboxes contains lead, according to tests done by state officials.

If the lining is ingested, the lead can cause brain damage.

The recall targets about 56,000 dark-green lunchboxes with slogans in English and Spanish.

The Department of Health is asking for the lunchboxes to be turned back in. Lead is hazardous to both children and adults. If you have the recalled lunchbox you should stop using it right away.

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