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Claude Wyle

Proud to be Chair of New CAOC Bicycle Litigation Group

I am proud to announce that the organization Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC) recently granted approval for me to form and chair a new bicycle litigation group within the CAOC. The…

Claude Wyle

Mattel's "Sarge" Toy Car Poses Lead Poisoning Risk

Today there seems to be a greater risk of children suffering lead poisoning from their toys than there was before lead-based paint was removed from the market. Tuesday Mattel announced a recall of yet another toy imported from China, due to violation of the lead safety standard. The paints in the “Sarge” die cast toy cars could contain excessive levels of lead. It is a good idea for parents…

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Claude Wyle, Attorney at Law

Claude Armand Wyle is a partner in the law firm of Choulos, Choulos, and Wyle LLP. with offices in San Francisco, California. He is an experienced and dedicated civil trial lawyer who specializes in automobile, bicycle, and motorcycle crash cases, dangerous roadway cases, product liability, dangerous premises cases, vicious animal cases, toxic tort, police misconduct and shootings, and drug…

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Choulos, Choulos, & Wyle

Choulos, Choulos, & Wyle is your law firm for experienced motorcycle and auto accident attorneys. Our lawyers represent clients in many areas of law, including car collisions, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and bicycle crashes. Our California auto accident attorneys have over one hundred years of experience representing clients in need of compensation for their injuries. We serve clients…

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