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Claude Wyle

Tainted Meat Prompts Recall

Topps Meat Co. is under Federal investigation after 23 people in eight states suffered serious illness after eating E.coli-laden hamburgers. Most people recover from E. coli poisoning within a few days. However, E. coli poisoning can cause serious injuries to the very young, the very old, or to people with weakened immune systems. People aren’t the only victims here. Topps destroyed…

Claude Wyle

Strangulation Death Prompts Recall of Dangerous Playpens

Kolcraft Enterprises Inc., recalled approximately half a million playpens. The recall was announced after the wrongful death of a 10-year-old boy. The infant he became caught in a looped restraining strap, and was strangled to death. The company blames the parents for the death, claiming they misused the product. Perhaps the parents should ask a court to decide. For more information on…

Claude Wyle

Two Infant Deaths From Dangerous Graco Cribs

Simplicity for Children has recalled a crib marketed under the Graco brand name, because the drop-side rails of the crib can easily be installed upside down, and this can trap children and be a strangulation hazard. This is the company’s fourth recall in two years. Two infants have died because these dangerous and defective Graco cribs trapped the children and suffocated them. The children…

Claude Wyle

Soy Deli Tofu Pulled From Supermarket Shelves

State health officials found dangerous bacteria in Soy Deli brand tofu during routine testing. Today California officials issued a warning to supermarkets and natural food stores to pull the product from shelves. Consumers are advised to discard the product, or risk Listeria infections. Listeria infections may cause serious and sometimes fatal infections.For more information on this subject…

Shannon Weidemann

Lead Lunchboxes Recalled in California

Lunchboxes that were distributed by the California Department of Public Health have been recalled due to lead in the vinyl lining. The recalled lunchboxes were made in China and are a soft-sided lunchbox. The recall involves 300,000 items with the words “Eat Fruits and Vegetables” and “Be Active” written on them. The vinyl lining of the lunchboxes contains lead, according to tests done by…

Claude Wyle

Toxic Barbie Barbells Recalled due to Lead Hazard

Mattel Inc., has voluntarily issued a recall of Barbie Barbells after learning the toys are painted with lead-based paint. Barbie may not be affected, but children may suffer serious injury if they put the toy in their mouths. Parents can protect their children by taking the toy away. Mattel is offering a full refund.For more information on this subject matter, please refer to our section on…

Claude Wyle

Faulty Spindle-Back Chairs Recalled Due To Whiplash

The title you read is correct; at least one consumer did report whiplash when the wooden chair he purchased at J.C. Penney collapsed when he sat on it. Other consumers reported bruising and other injuries from similar accidents. J.C. Penny is offering a full refund.For more information on this subject matter, please refer to the section on Defective and Dangerous Products.

Claude Wyle

Children's Shirts Recalled due to "Entrapment" Hazard

Parents should avoid purchasing Kmart’s Basic Edition Girls’ Clothing Sets during back-to-school shopping this year. Kmart has recalled two shirts in this line because they have dangerous drawstring-waists, which may pry loose and tangle a vehicle door, thus, creating the risk of serious injury or death. Parents can reduce the risk of injury by removing the string. For more information on…

Claude Wyle

Dangerous Wax Transforms Candle into Torch

Candles are supposed to burn, not torch. This is exactly why “Avant Yarde” is recalling three styles of outdoor citronella candles. These candles burn so hot, the wick sets fire to the wax, thus, transforming these outdoor candles into outdoor torches. The company is voluntarily recalling the product, after receiving reports of consumers suffering from burns.For more information on this…

Claude Wyle

Abundance of Toxic Paint in Today's Children's Toys Poses Serious Threat

Lead-based interior-paint was a major concern back when I was a child. Although yesterday’s mother was probably not too concerned about finding their kids gnawing on walls, today’s mother has much to worry about, given the abundance of lead paint in children’s toys, Earlier this week, Jo-Ann Fabric recalled their “Robbie Duckyâ„¢ Kids Water Can after discovering toxic levels of lead. Toys…