Oakland, California


Claude Wyle

TTDDM: Texting and Driving Don't Mix

Inexperienced drivers should keep both hands on the wheel at all times. This is precisely why Senator Joe Simitian introduced legislation that would ban all drivers under 18-years-old from texting, or using any electronic device, and driving. Perhaps this bill will prevent fatal accidents like the one in New York earlier this summer. Five teens suffered fatal injuries in the Finger Lake’s…

Claude Wyle

Woman Tragically Killed in Train Accident

Britta Aker, who was just 27-years-old, was killed early yesterday morning when she walked across Union Pacific Railroad tracks in Newark, California. Our hearts go out to the family of this young woman; especially knowing that it will be difficult for them to recover damages for civil liability. This is true because most courts will hold that railroad tracks themselves are sufficient warning…

Shannon Weidemann

Julian Car Crash Kills Teenager

A 17-year-old teenage from Yuma was killed in a car accident in Julian on Thursday night. The victim was a passenger in the car. The single car accident happened on Highway 79. The car was driven into a utility pole. According to the release, CHP investigations show Bailey was unable to negotiate a left-hand curve on the road due to the excessive speed of his 1986 Ford Mustang. CHP…

Claude Wyle

Alameda Cyclist Memorialized With "Ghost Bike."

Had only one motorcycle learned to “share the road” with the car it was trying to pass exactly one year ago today, Ed Weiss may still be alive. Instead, this avid cyclist was struck by that motorcycle and suffered fatal injuries. Today friends, family and admirers memorialized him with a bicycle painted white — the famed “ghost bike.” Let’s hope this raises awareness and prevents future auto…

Claude Wyle

Antioch Man Killed on Highway 24 in Walnut Creek

Early this morning, a 60-year-old man was struck by another vehicle and killed while laying down flares on Highway 24 in Walnut Creek, California. The man did not survive his injuries and was pronounced dead at John Muir Medical Center. Since the vehicle was out of traffic, this is an example of how auto accidents like this can be avoided by remaining in your car until help arrives. For more…

Claude Wyle

Scaffolding Collapse Causes Catastrophic Highway Accident

Failure of scaffolding on a highway on ramp near Chico, California caused a catastrophic highway accident early this morning. Miraculously, no fatalities occurred when thirty-six tons of steel collapsed on top of vehicles underneath. Three people suffered serious injuries, including multiple broken bones. One survivor was trapped in his FedEx truck for more than three hours before being…

Claude Wyle

Mill Valley Man Dies in Fatal Auto Accident

Investigators are still searching for the cause of an auto accident that left a Mill Valley man dead. The accident occurred on June 18, 2007 when a Mill Valley man unexplainably veered off Ridgecrest Boulevard on Mount Tamalpais and down a 400 cliff. Recent toxicology results were negative.For more information on this subject, please refer to our section on Car and Motorcycle Accidents.

Claude Wyle

Marin Lawsuit Raises National Awareness of Dangerous Bike Hubs

Traditional quick release bike hubs pose a danger to children because the wheels may spontaneously fall off, causing disfiguring and serious injury. This fall, New Jersey may become the first state to enact a ban on quick-release bicycle hubs. The movement against the defective bike hubs is rooted in Marin County, California, where families of eight injured children filed a lawsuit against…

Claude Wyle

Reckless Teen Kills Three in Deadly Auto Accident

Last night a reckless teenage driver took the lives of three others, as he raced at nearly triple the speed limit on a curvy road in Almaden Valley, San Jose. This auto fatality occurred when the reckless driver first struck an elderly couple who were pedestrians standing at the side of the road, and then smashed into two trees. The elderly couple, the driver, and his passenger all suffered…

Claude Wyle

Hit-and-run Victim Survives Serious Head Injury

Last Sunday at approximately 10:00 p.m. a motorist struck a pedestrian at the crossing of Amador Valley Boulevard and Regional Street in Dublin. Paramedics rushed the victim to a local hospital for treatment of a serious head injury. The victim required 12 staples on his head, but survived. A witness phoned police and followed the driver until police arrived and apprehended the suspect. …