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What NOT To Do Right After a Crash

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You’ve been in a motorcycle or automobile or bicycle accident and you were injured. Now what do you do to protect your claim for personal injuries? Call an attorney right away? If you delay, you may make mistakes that will permanently prejudice your claim and prevent you from getting a fair settlement with the insurance company. Obviously, you will have your hands full, or will not be well enough to call the attorney from the scene of the accident. Please take this free advice, and avoid making some common and potentially very costly mistakes. Please read below for a list of the Seven Deadly Sins that people commit after a motor vehicle accident.

1. Not taking photographs of property damage
2. Not taking photographs of injuries
3. Not taking photographs of the accident scene
4. Not getting the names contact info of witnesses
5. Not seeking immediate medical attention
6. Missing recommended medical appointments
7. Speaking with the insurance adjusters for the other side
I will add more ideas in the next few entries, in the hope that, by the time you call an attorney, you will not have sunk your own case.