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Pedestrian Accidents Reduced in Oakland By Pedestrian Scramble Device

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Our team of pedestrian accident attorneys is keeping a close watch on ways for California cities to improve pedestrian safety. With high concentrations of traffic and pedestrians in Chinatown in Oakland, the rate of pedestrian accidents is very high. A recent study showed that elderly pedestrians were actually not being given enough time to clear the intersections before traffic lights allowed automobiles to enter. A special pedestrian scramble device was installed which helped pedestrians clear the intersection more quickly. This pedestrian scramble device has reduced pedestrian accidents by 40% for this intersection.

This special pedestrian scramble device gives pedestrians exclusive control of the intersection and allows them to cross diagonally. While this has reduced the pedestrian accidents, it has increased by 25% the amount of people who are not complying with the traffic lights. Similar studies are being conducted in San Francisco Chinatown, with the hope that they may find a way to reduce pedestrian accidents in San Francisco as well as in Oakland.